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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

a new post indeed

i am a year plus now,three weeks ago i just let go my mama's hand to walk. It happened suddenly in a hotel elevator in miri town. yes,it was another short holiday while babah did his standby job thing. a free vacation,who doesnt like that:.

well imperial miri hotel elevator,u just have won one of the most historical place in my life.

till then,
duudu dududu;p

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Hey mama did you forget you have my blog to write?

Months passed by, today is a few days before my 9months birthday.and i crawl like nobody business.

love love love mama so much..i should get a tweet if i blog a few line like this??!

What do u say mama,
Duudu dududu.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Look out Fazura or Fatiya or Fartever

Mama is in the town(Labuan town it is) to conquer! least for the next 5days..

or is it the time already to get back to KL jumpe nenek and opah?

Up to you mama,
Duudu dududu

Thursday, 26 May 2011

A funny job babah have

Babah is an offshoreman..he got a non scheduled job that requires him to standby anytime. Yesterday,we went to pick babah up from airport about 230pm..we went straight to lunch coz mama's dapur gas habis and tak berganti sampai 4 hari. blk lunch babah being a ultimate helper, pegi beli gas kat luar.but still,mama mls nak msk mlm tu and pegi mkn charkuetiaw kedai..huhu..

so,today,bbh tak pegi kerje..instead, bbh n mama teman umar buat monthly checkup kat klinik desa. bbh kate most probably bbh kene pegi offshore blk for another 5 days.hahahaha..umar gelak(time tu mama tgh agah).. tapi mama mcm nak nangis..kesian mama..

so off we go hantar babah ke terminal feri..babah wave goodbye kat mama n ciom pp umar.. bbh ckp love umar n mama so much..okla sekian,

tsk3(yg ni mama yg tulis);p

Duudu dududu

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Another day another bored breaker tour

Today marks the 10th day that babah has gone offshore,every alternating day, my mom takes me out for jalan2,if not with auntie maya that lives opposites block ,then with auntie dalina(lives couple blocks away).

Today,mom doesnt have the urge to cook for herself so she ask auntie dalina temankan my mom to take lunch..tapi auntie dalina pose pulak..tapi insist nak temankan kami ke Ujana kewangan(uk)..
Mama makan kat foodcourt,mak kate sedap kot..with avocado milk juice..i personally like it,based on how i suck my moms nippies..haha;p(talk dirty).

So,for the perkembangan today, i started to like sleeping by lying on my stomach..

Thks dgr(bace) cerita,
Duudu dududu

Monday, 23 May 2011

My First Post


..and Hi to all...i firstly would like to say Alhamdulillah for giving me a chance to write a blog even i am now only 4months plus,i present you my blog, what  my mom thinks i would say through my perspectives..foremost,letme introduce u a few people involved in my life.

Nenek=My grandma of cos(mama's side)
Opah= Grandma(babah's side)
Atok=Grandfather(babah's side)
Ibu=auntie(mama's "kaklong")
Mak=auntie(mama's "kakngah")
Umi=auntie(mama's "kakyat")
Paklong=uncle(babah's eldest bro)
Makngah=auntie(babah's elder sis)
Acu=auntie(babah's youngest sis)

i guess thats all for now,any addition to my family will be announced later;)

Duudu dududu